You've probably heard her story, but with the names excluded. You've probably heard what the hospital had to say about the story. You probably heard about the back and forth with state officials that garnered several headlines. But have you gotten to hear what the family had to say about Shirley Herrin's fight with COVID-19 and the hospital in Helena?

We got to hear it. Shirley's daughter Susan Williams shared her story in her own words on the radio Tuesday morning.

Susan Williams: My life has been like a nightmare. Mostly I was there for two weeks in the hospital with my mother, visiting her every day, and trying to get her out. I'm here today to share her story. And hopefully I can save other lives by doing so, by getting the truth out for other people to realize what's going on in these hospitals. Not just in Montana, but all around every state.

Susan described three key allegations against the hospital in Helena. Her mom, Shirley Herrin, was denied monoclonal antibody treatments. She was not allowed to receive alternative COVID-19 treatments by the hospital. And, her family was not allowed contact with her mother.

Susan Williams: We place a sacred trust in our doctors and hospitals to help us heal...after the nightmare I experienced with COVID in the hospital system, sadly, I believe that trust is misplaced. In many facilities across the country care, discernment, and compassion have been replaced by protocols, politics, profit, and rigid, rigid disregard for the well being of patients and their families. My mother paid the consequence of her life, and I hope by telling my story and her story, lives maybe saved way beyond.

Full audio of our conversation with Susan Williams:

By the way, as I mentioned on air this morning. This was our opportunity to hear from the family in their own words. We are also more than happy to provide the same opportunity for the hospital to provide their response on air and online as well.

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