You can have the most amazing treasures to sell.  You can arrange them in the most eye-catching way.  You can spring for coffee, donuts, and foot massages.  But if people don’t know you’re having a garage sale, it won’t matter.  That’s why you’ve got to get the word out.  There are methods aplenty for advertising your sale, so many it can make your head spin, so here are the basics.

Local Newspaper

Most newspapers now feature a garage sale section in their classified ads.  Shoppers scan the want ads and plan their days accordingly.  Therefore, it’s essential for you to advertise in your local paper.  Any ad needs to include the date, the times, and your address or the location your sale is taking place.  It’s also a good idea to include some of the special or unique items you’ll be selling.  That way, you can whet potential customers’ appetites for a deal.


Along with newspaper ads, putting out signs constitutes the bare minimum you need to do to promote your sale.  Signs should be simple.  Keep in mind that motorists are reading your signs as they’re driving by.  Use bright, neon-colored poster board to catch the eye.  Lettering should be clean and simple, done in plain black marker.  Write legibly and BIG!  You want to announce your sale and give out the location.  That’s it. 

Place your signs near highly trafficked areas to maximize your exposure.  Busy intersections are ideal.  If you aren’t allowed to hang your signs from utility poles, you can use signs attached to wooden or metal stakes.  Remember to make sure you know where you’re allowed to post your signs and to take your signs down after your sale is over.


As the internet becomes a more prevalent communications tool, it has become necessary to announce your sale online.  Try posting to Facebook or Craigslist.  Include the same information you would put in a newspaper ad.  You can also advertise your big-ticket items, giving shoppers a taste of what you’ll have available.  If you do this, make sure you delete the ads as your items sell.

You can also announce your sale on online garage sale directories like Yard Sale Search.  


Papering the area with flyers is another option for announcing your sale.  You can stick them on phone poles, bulletin boards in churches, gas stations, and convenience stores, and give businesses stacks to hand out to customers.  Make sure you have permission to post your flyers.

Community Calendars

Not as popular as other methods, community calendars are free and it doesn’t hurt to try every possible avenue.

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