It's going to be another hot one today in Wyoming. Some places will reach over 100F.

There are two things we need to do, besides stay inside, to handle this. Ice Cream, and HOT JOKES! I plan to tell hot jokes while eating ice cream.

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It's so hot... I saw a chicken lay an omelet!

It's so hot...  I saw a squirrel picking up nuts with potholders!

It's so hot... I saw a funeral procession pull thru a Dairy Queen!

It's so hot... Jehovah's Witnesses started telemarketing!

It's so hot... I saw the Devil in Wal-Mart buying an air conditioner!

It's so hot... You can wash and dry your clothes at the same time!

It's so hot... I saw two trees fighting over a dog!

It's so hot... I saw a cop chasing a thief, and they were both walking!

It's so hot... Cows give powdered milk!

It's so hot... My thermometer goes up to "Are you kidding me?"

It's so hot... I bought a loaf of bread and before I got home it was toast!

It's so hot... I got condensation on my butt from the water in the toilet bowl!

If you've got a good "How hot is it?" joke, I'd love to hear it. Just post it in the comments below.

Here's the King of the "How hot is it?" jokes, Johnny Carson:

Do these work for you? If not, or if you have some more, send them to us. We would love to hear them.

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