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Rich Oschner is a very busy man. Oschner is the man behind the gun counter at the Axmen South Missoula Mercantile and Pawn.

Wednesday afternoon was typical for Oschner as men and women were crowded into the store looking at the racks of rifles and shotguns and the large display of handguns. Oschner says no one kind of firearm is in demand more than others, but that his customers are worried about the possibility of a government crackdown on gun and ammunition sales.

Oschner says the first hint of increased gun control came during the second presidential debate, when President Obama hinted that more controls on guns and ammunition might be in the offing, should he be reelected.

Then, after Friday's Sandy Hook School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, interest in the sale of firearms for personal protection increased dramatically.

Oschner says the 'NIC' center that gun dealers must call to do background checks for potential customers has been slammed, with crashed computers and jammed phone lines. He says all his suppliers are doing their best to fill orders, but many models are on back order.

Rich Oschner from Axmen South

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