A suspect is in custody after a bank robbery in Great Falls on Wednesday. Public Information Officer Sgt. Wells from the Great Falls Police Department released this statement earlier today.

"First Interstate Bank downtown in Great Falls was robbed yesterday morning and a photo of the suspect was released to the public," Sgt. Wells said. "As additional evidence was uncovered, search warrants were executed in various locations where evidence of the robbery was discovered. I'm happy to report that a majority of the funds stolen from the bank have been recovered."

The suspect was turned in by a landlord who reported being paid in $100 bills. The police weren’t the only law enforcement agency on the case.

"This was an all-hands on deck type of event and many of our partnering agencies came to our assistance. Cascade County Sheriff's Office, U.S. Marshal Service, Federal Bureau of Investigations, U.S. Customs and Border Protections, air and marine," Sgt. Wells said. "This cooperative effort by area law enforcement greatly enhanced our abilities to apprehend the suspect and bring a successful conclusion to this incident."

The suspect, Dwayne Ottey, appeared in court today on charges of armed robbery. During the search for Ottey, some area schools were put on "lock-down" and a helicopter was even called in to help with the search.

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