Montana Governor Steve Bullock and the republican led legislature are in the midst of a bitter budget battle. Today Bullock’s office spokesman Dave Parker said republicans were trying to unwind Montana’s good fiscal record and “make us look more like a third world country.”

"The governor presented in November a budget that was balanced and lived within our means, funded core, essential services, but also made investments in our future," Parker said. "The republican-majority in the House Appropriations Committee has completely decimated that budget. They have grossly overspent."

In response, republicans have charged that the governor’s revenue forecast is too rosy and points out a $359 million gap between the governor’s office and that of the Legislative Fiscal Division. Parker cites a report by the Rockefeller Institute and said he trusts the governor’s numbers.

"The legislative fiscal division of Montana has been ranked the very worst in the country. They never get it right," Parker said. "The governor's budget office has consistently been the better estimator and have the better numbers, so we're very confident in our numbers our budget office is projecting."

Despite the back and forth, Parker said the governor is hopeful that the budgeting process will end on a positive note.

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