Q2 reports that new Ward 4 Billings City Council member Reg Gibbs was appointed Monday night, but only after another council member from the same ward blasted the nomination.

Gibbs will replace Ryan Sullivan, who moved to Texas for a new job. He was nominated by Mayor Bill Cole and required the council’s majority approval. Gibbs has been a Billings resident for more than 25 years as a counselor and small business owner– but, Council member Penny Ronning ripped Cole for the selection.

Gibbs’ nomination was ratified by an 8 to 2 majority Council vote, with Ronning and Council member Denise Joy voting against the selection. Ronning suggested one of the other nine candidates should have been selected. She did not specify the individual. Ronning said Billings had been subjected to the leadership of older white males, and Cole had a chance to change that.

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