If you ever happen to see me bowling around town, you would never guess that at one point in my life I bowled fairly regularly. I was even on a men's league, back before relationships and kids and life started occupying more time. This was like 25 years ago, and our matching-shirt bowling team was more about drinking pitchers of draft beer on Tuesday nights than serious bowling.

I bowled for a couple of seasons and  while I practiced frequently, had my own ball, bag, cool shoes and official ball-wiping rag, I still sucked. I was satisfied to break 200 back then and now I'm happy with anything above 120. It's really embarrassing when your child can outscore you, rolling their featherweight ball down that ramp thing.

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Most of us are probably not serious bowlers, but nearly everyone can agree that it's a ton of fun. Bowling is challenging, yet easy to learn. All ages can participate and it's a great social activity. I also find it a nice bonus that 99% of all bowling alleys have a bar and/or restaurant under the same roof.

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Kids love bowling too and thanks to the Kids Bowl Free program, kids in the Billings area can bowl two free games per day, every weekday this summer at Town and Country Lanes. The only cost is a $2 shoe rental. Kids can bowl free between noon and 10 pm, Monday - Friday, May 31 - September 3. It's open for children ages 2 to 18 and parents or other adults can participate inexpensively with a Family Pass. Call Town and Country Lanes for more information at 406-373-5100 or register now HERE.

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