I'm not even kidding, just looking at that picture of lasagna is making my mouth water. I shouldn't be hungry (I just ate), but thinking about those delicious layers of cheese, meat sauce and pasta make me crave a large square of lasagna. Like, right now.

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Lasagna has got to be one of THE best comfort foods.

The thing about lasagna though, is that it's not a "right now" kind of food. The frozen ones from the grocery store or Costco take like an hour and half to cook. They do in a pinch, but none of those frozen pasta dishes could ever possibly compare to homemade lasagna and those take at least an hour to make.


'Lasagna Love' will bring a homemade lasagna to those in need.

I recently stubbled across a Facebook post about a group called Lasagna Love, and what they're doing is pretty awesome. They connect people who need a lasagna with local cooks who've offered to make and donate homemade lasagna. How. Awesome. Is. That. I chatted with the regional director of Lasagna Love, Cindy Wilson, to find out more about how the program works.

You can take a listen below. Apologies for some drops in call quality. Cindy was on the phone from the Middle East, where her husband is currently located for work.

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The cool thing about Lasagna Love is that it's open to anybody.

Cindy explained that requests for a homemade lasagna come from people who really just need... a hot dish of lasagna. Examples could include new moms, recently divorced, folks recovering from medical issues, anything really. No questions are asked and no proof of finances are needed.

If you'd like to request a lasagna or become a Lasagna Love volunteer chef, you can find out more HERE.

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