Have you ever been driving down the Interstate or a major highway in Montana at night when someone flashes their high beams at you? Maybe they're trying to warn you about something, perhaps a hazard, or even a police officer just up the road checking for speed. They may even be mad at you for leaving your own high beams on their faces. It's one of the most common practices on the roadway, but is it legal to do?

How Many Times Have You Done This?

I've totally done this before, especially when oncoming drivers have their high beams on and don't turn them off when I approach. It's really blinding, so I flash mine so they can rectify their mistake and turn them off until I've passed. But, that blinding feeling that I'm feeling is exactly the reason why you shouldn't do it back to them.

According to the Montana Code Annotated Title 61-9-226, it is illegal to flash any lights on a vehicle unless it indicates a turn, such as your rear turn indicators, or unless it's to indicate a vehicular hazard. So, unless you're driving a specialized vehicle that is allowed to flash any lights outside these conditions, you probably shouldn't do it.

Other Headlight Tips to Follow

The Montana Highway Patrol made this post above talking about what distance you should turn off your high beams, as well as what time of day and what weather you should turn your headlights on. If it's up to me, leave your headlights on all day. Headlights aren't just there to help you see in the dark, it's there to help others see you as well.

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If you do decide to flash those brights at the next unruly driver on the Interstate, just make sure a police officer isn't around when you do. You might just see other flashing lights of blue and red color behind you if you do.

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