A new report connects the dots between the deep-pocketed liberal donors and the radical environmental groups operating here in Montana. GreenDecoys.com recently published their report, "Montana in the Balance," which highlights the radical environmental groups posing as "sportsmen" groups.

We caught up with Green Decoys Managing Director Will Coggin. Here's how he describes a "green decoy."

Will Coggin: They, at face value, appeared to be sportsmen groups, but when you look at who was actually funding them it quickly became clear that there was sort of an alternative motive here- sort of an alternative political agenda that really was not about sportsmen's issues at all, but really about finding a way to push environmental issues cloaked as sportsmen issues, let's say. And so that's where the name green decoys came in, was to describe these groups and what we believe they're really standing for, which is not sportsmen, but for some funders in California, even maybe outside the country who really want to push environmental issues.

One area that several of these "green decoy" groups lobby in direct contrast to the real sportsmen groups is on the topic of predators- especially grizzlies and wolves.

Will Coggin: They view hunters as, frankly, competition- or enemies- of the wildlife. And so the same way that a hunter might say- hey, the more wolves we have, the fewer elk that are going to be the hunt. Well, they think the opposite way on the side of the wolves and the grizzlies, where they say, hey- the more people who are hunting the less food that these predators have to eat.

Keep an eye on our "Montana Talks with Aaron Flint" podcast later today for our full chat with Will Coggin from GreenDecoys.com. Click here for the full "Montana in the Balance" report.

Here is an older video they put together back in 2015:

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