I don't know if you know what Friday, April 22nd is or if you plan on celebrating. But It's Earth Day. And it was established in 1970. The goal of the day is to raise awareness about environmental protection.

And our president will be flying to Seattle and Portland tomorrow in an attempt to promote his environmental agenda. He'll be flying on an airplane that burns a gallon of jet fuel each second. So, on a 5-hour flight, Airforce One will burn 18,000 gallons of fuel. Don't worry the aircraft's fuel tanks hold 53,611 gallons total. I hope he's gassing up at Costco.

If you see him, you can tell him that I already know about saving the Earth. And I'm typically a good citizen. I don't litter. I only light my burn pile once a year. I even pick up extra shell casings when I go shooting at the BLM land off of the Roundup highway. And I don't buy the thought that electric cars will make it a couple of degrees cooler all over the world.

And don't bother manufacturing an electric vehicle of any kind for me. I won't be buying one.

For me, it's like the masking of America. If you want to do it, then please do. But don't force these things upon the Americans who don't want your regulations.

I have a friend who has a great saying that he uses. He says, "You be you". That's now my motto. I'll be over here being me. And you can be over there, being you. And we will agree that I won't make you do things that you don't want to do.

See how easy that is? See how happy we should both be?

Friday is also National Jelly Bean Day. That's the one I'll be celebrating.

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