Early career teachers in Montana will be receiving a pay raise thanks to the legislature and Governor Gianforte, according to an article in the Gazette this week.

There should have been one more group also thanked, the tax-payers of Montana. Without them, this would not have happened.

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Early career teachers will get almost 3500 dollars a year for three years. According to recent teacher numbers, 451 teachers could qualify.

Last year there were 1,646 new teachers licensed. 402 school districts in 33 counties will take advantage of this program.

Montana is right in the middle when it comes to states' pay averages at number 25 (for those of you north of town there are 50 states).

I hope one of the next things we look at is reducing the number of superintendents we have. Each school district has one, why?

Billings has one for all the schools and over 10,000 students. Keep in mind schools have principals that could take marching orders from one county man or woman in charge.

Why, for instance, does Carbon County have 6 superintendents when one can do the job with the principals?

The school systems in Montana are administrative-heavy and we would be much better served to put that money into good quality teachers. Don't forget those retirements for administrators cost us a lot more than good quality teacher retirements.

We have one county Sherriff per county we could have one county school superintendent.

We only have one Governor too and he got his work done...

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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