Before 6 a.m. this morning our topic was affordable housing. But back when I first moved out on my own in Montana, there was no government agencies that were going to pay my rent. So my version of affordable housing meant having roommates.

And I thought I would look back on a few of the good ones. And one or two bad ones.

My first one was Steve Bakken. He was my boss at Pizza Hut. And he was a hunter. So we always had venison and pizza at our place. Don't know whatever became of him. But the dryer he gave me lasted for almost twenty five years.

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Then while attempting to attend college I ended up living in a house with four other people. Big mistake. The guy who owned the house was alright. But the guy who aspired to be a bodybuilder and his whack job girlfriend were not.

Another roomie had a snake in an aquarium that sat on top of his dresser. And that dresser was directly across from the bathroom. So, often times when you are walking in to the bathroom, that damned thing would strike and hit the glass.

Connor Tosun/ Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley
Connor Tosun/ Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley

Best roomie award goes to Tim Giesler. We've been friends since junior high school. Great guy. He cooks. He cleans. He pulls weeds. He golfs. And is a great big music trivia geek, just like me. We've lived together in a half a dozen different spots.

Others who shared rent with me?

A guy named Russ who stole some car stereo equipment and never did pay off the $500 phone bill he ran up.

Tarin. I've still got your oscillating fan.

All gave me fond memories. But no more roomies for me.

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