Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - At the Missoula City Council’s Land Use and Planning Committee meeting on Wednesday, City of Missoula Mayor Jordan Hess and Erin Pehan, Director of  Community Planning, Development & Innovation provided an update on the projects involving Code Reform and Growth Policy.

Mayor Hess kicked off the discussion by referencing what he termed a ‘once in a lifetime’ code reform project.

The Code reform Effort is Described as 'Once in a Lifetime'

“As you all know, we embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime code reform effort last fall, and our staff and consultants have been working in the background, they've been doing a lot of analysis,” began Mayor Hess. “It became clear at the council meeting last week that it would be good to have an update because we haven't had an update to the council for a while on the status of the code reform project. In the context of so many things happening legislatively, so quickly, it seemed like it would be a good opportunity for us to get before you all and talk about the status of the project of the code reform effort, and some of the things that we'll be seeing over the coming weeks and months.”

Pehan then followed with an introduction to the overall project.

Erin Pehan Delivered the 'Why' of the Code Reform Project

“We know the challenge we face is twofold,” said Pehan. “We must deliver on our mission to promote equitable, sustainable, and quality growth and development, and additionally, we know that we are not adequately implementing policies for the community's vision and growth; vision that's really rooted in our values as a community. This is our ‘why’.”

Pehan continued by echoing Mayor Hess’ vision for the plan.

“Our Missoula provides us, as the mayor mentioned, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to address these challenges by updating our vision for growth and modernizing our development regulations, one of the key tools that we have as a community for achieving that vision,” she said. “So this is our house. This is a process that will provide us that clear path that we need to move ahead with confidence that we can achieve the goals that we've outlined in that plan.”

Pehan said the plan is designed to build a city that can serve all of its residents.

The Goal is to Build a City that can Serve all its Residents

“We just want to remind the community that we remain committed to continuing our exciting and groundbreaking work in collaboration with Common Good Missoula, as well as other partners across the city, and an effort to listen to the needs of everyday Missoulians so that we can build a city that works for all of our residents,” she said. “You can learn more about any phase that we're at in the project. Most of the information that we're going to talk about today can be found on our Engage Missoula site. We would encourage the community to visit that site often as we update it, and post new deliverables and update timelines so they can stay really it in the know of what's happening with the project.”

Click here to view the entire meeting and the presentation for the city council.

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