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Talk about tunnel vision. Here I am taking photos from inside the tunnel, and tweeting about the pandemic snowpocalypse in downtown Billings...and close to the same time world famous supermodel Cindy Crawford is sharing a photo from one block away. And we didn't even know it.

After the huge mid-October snowfall that Montana received, I decided to snap some photos of the ice and snow covered tunnel connecting the downtown Billings parking garage with the Doubletree Hotel. That same day, Cindy Crawford shared a photo from her Instagram page in front of a downtown snow-filled intersection. Her Instagram followers all wanted to know where she was at. Canada? One commenter asked.

Billings, Montana native AshLee Strong (who worked as a spokeswoman for former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan) knew exactly where she was at. The Wells Fargo building in the background, and the infamous Crystal Lounge in downtown Billings, gave it away.


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Little change of scenery — from 🌴 to ❄️!

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Here's the other random thought. I thought Bozeman was supposed to be the place where all the celebrities went? First, Justin Bieber strolled through Billings back in July before hitting Kanye West's ranch in Cody...now Cindy Crawford. My wife and I got a kick out of the fact that Cindy Crawford was in Billings. We talked about getting the kids in the car and seeing if we could track her down. Let's get Cindy Crawford out to the Crystal for some karaoke! Ha... (Note- the only good karaoke is BAD karaoke.)    

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