A Missoula man, Jared Robert Kuntz has been charged with multiple assaults after allegedly attacking a woman and her son on the ‘M’ trail and then attacking and injuring two brothers later that day.

According to court documents, Kuntz has been charged with felony aggravated assault, assault on a minor, aggravated assault – reasonable apprehension and assault with a weapon.

Chief Deputy Missoula County Attorney Matt Jennings sketched out what occurred on Friday near the ‘M’ trail on Mount Sentinel.

“On Friday, there were two very scary and unfortunate incidents up on the ‘M’ trail,” said Jennings. “First, there was a woman and her son that were attacked on the trail, and a couple of hours later there was another altercation where he attacked two brothers almost on the top of the mountain. During that altercation the suspect was injured. One of the brothers was also injured and the mother in the first attack was also injured.”

According to court documents, the initial attack occurred on the ‘M’ trail. A 13 year-old boy ran towards another man and asked for help because his mother was being attacked further up the trail. The man said he saw a man who appeared to be punching something on the ground.

The boy’s mother sustained what appeared to be serious injuries to the left side of her face during that attack, and the man then fled up the mountain. She was treated by EMS personnel who went up the trail and transported her to St. Patrick Hospital. Her son was treated for shock at the hospital.

Later in the day, Kuntz, who was naked at the time, allegedly attacked two brothers higher up on the mountain. Court documents indicate that both brothers were injured in the altercation and the suspect was stabbed at least twice, as one of the brothers had a knife.

The two brothers, when asked by detectives what ‘stuck out most’, was that ‘he had a look like he wanted to kill us’. Both men feared for their lives from the attack.

Kuntz was treated by paramedics and was transported to a hospital by Life Flight

Jennings said if found guilty on all charges from Friday’s attacks, Kuntz could face a lengthy prison term.

“The total amount of time that he could be in the Montana State Prison or the department of Corrections would be 65 years, along with very significant crimes,” he said.

Kuntz will be arraigned in court when he is physically able to appear, but for now remains in protective custody.

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