They say that ice cold water can be invigorating. Athletes and gym rats are familiar with the alleged health benefits. Most of us usually prefer to shower, swim and bath is water that is not hovering around 34 degrees.

Special Olympics Montana has announced their Polar Plunge 2021/2022 dates, and in Billings, brave plungers can participate on December 3rd at the Billings Depot.

Graphic provided by Special Olympics Montana
Graphic provided by Special Olympics Montana

The Polar Plunge helps support 3,000 Montana athletes.

By participating in the Polar Plunge, individuals and businesses across Montana raise pledge money to earn their pass into the ice-cold pool. The Billings event has traditionally been held at Lake Elmo. That's impossible this year, because the lake is now empty. Organizers will set up a frost-lined swimming pool outside The Depot on historic Montana Avenue. The dunking begins at 6 pm, December 3rd. You can REGISTER HERE.

Polar Bears
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Youth can participate too.

Kids 17 and under are allowed to participate with a parent or guardians written authorization. Adults are asked to raise $125 in pledges to participate in the Polar Plunge and Youth are required to raise at least $50. The are 12 Polar Plunge locations around Montana; most of them are held in December, with a few in January and February. You can see the locations HERE.

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The Polar Plunge is safe and well-supervised by pro's.

The Montana Polar Plunge's are "primarily organized, promoted and conducted by the Law Enforcement Torch Run to benefit Special Olympics Montana", and have trained emergency response personnel on-site and in the water.  Only those with heart conditions are not allowed to participate. Warming huts and a hot tub is available to warm up after your dip in the freezing water.

You can do it! Be one of "the few, the brave, the frozen" and sign up today.  Read the FAQ's HERE.

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