Is Butte, Montana Navy SEAL Rob O'Neill- the Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden- prepping a run for President of the United States?

I got a message from one of our radio listeners, Kendall in Laurel, yesterday.

Saw Rob O'Neill on TV yesterday. What a breath of fresh air! No mumbo jumbo, he's a straight talker & lays it out. I wish he'd run for something. But unfortunately doesn't have ANY politician blood in him! The "old" Butte should be so proud."

Maybe he would run after all...check out this tweet he shared earlier in the week:

The replies back were pretty good, too. Many people asked, "But can you ride a bike?"

For those who didn't get the we don't think Rob is running for President. That tweet was more "Let's Go Brandon" than it was "I'm running for President."

If you're not following Rob (or "Our SEAL Rob" as Nancy in Roundup refers to him) on social media you are definitely missing out. He's not afraid to call it like he sees it, and have a good time in the process.

This was another Tweet I appreciated. Did you hear about that "pastor" in New York City who was wearing around $1 million worth of jewelry when he was robbed at gunpoint in his "church?" This is the same pastor who defended a subway shooter in NYC. "Sounds like the crooks robbed a crook," O'Neill shared on Twitter.

Here's another message from Rob. "If you're just looking to be offended, that's all you're gonna see...It's ok to be afraid sometimes. Fear makes you think more clearly."

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