While on her travels, Aubrey Hopkins discovered gorgeous sunflower fields that were open to the public. But, when she came back home to Billings, she was disappointed that there just wasn't anything similar around. If you can't find anything, why not make it yourself? So, with massive support from the community, Aubrey decided to take the initiative and bring those stunning sunflower fields to the Magic City.

Your New Best Place for Photo Shoots, Perhaps?

I spoke with Aubrey about her desire to open up a public sunflower field. Her answer was simple; to bring a new, beautiful experience to the community she cares about.

I was born and raised here, and I have fallen in love with this community. I've always wanted to find a way to contribute somehow. I discovered that there all of these sunflower fields across the nation, and I thought that'd be so cool to go through one. I found that there aren't sunflower fields, anywhere near Billings, or any pick-your-own-flower fields. So, I decided it would be really cool to start one here.


Credit: Aubrey Hopkins on Facebook
Credit: Aubrey Hopkins on Facebook

The original post, which is pictured above, received many comments praising the idea. Through that, she decided to start a company called Sun & Celosia.

I had hundreds of likes and people reaching out, photographers asking if they could use the field for engagement or wedding pictures, Senior pictures, family pictures. And people said that they're willing to drive out from even Wyoming to come see a sunflower field.


The Field is Being Planned to Open Next Year

With Winter coming up, growing sunflowers is not possible at the moment, so Aubrey is waiting until next year to be able to grow the flowers. She also needs to find a location.

So, I'm still looking for a field. I've looked at the possibility of sharing a field by a brewery or a restaurant, so I can help benefit another business. Since I'm looking for a place now, I plan to plant in the spring and have flowers ready maybe mid-June to early September.

So, look out for the field around this time next year.

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If you have any information that would help Aubrey find a location for her sunflower field, contact her Facebook page, Sun & Celosia, here. The full audio of my interview with Aubrey is below. I can't wait to take gorgeous photos in that sunflower field.

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