There were a couple of big political developments ahead of the 2020 elections here in Montana over the past week or so. First, you had a partisan liberal judge throw a whole slate of Green Party candidates off of the ballot, even though they qualified to be on the ballot. Then, the liberal dominated Montana Supreme Court punted on a decision regarding the Attorney General race, and left a guy who doesn't qualify for the office on the ballot.

So the bottom line is this when it comes to our corrupt, liberal judges. If they think the it will harm Democrats, they will throw perfectly qualified candidates off the ballot. If they think it will help Democrats, they will allow an unqualified candidate to remain on the ballot.

We started there during our chat with Republican Attorney General candidate Austin Knudsen (R-Culbertson). Knudsen is the former Speaker of the House in Montana, and currently serves as Roosevelt County Attorney.

He had this to say about the Montana Supreme Court's decision allowing Democrat candidate Raph Graybill to remain on the ballot, in a story posted by The Great Falls Tribune:

“A plain reading of the Constitution shows that Mr. Graybill’s three years of practicing law in Montana does not make him qualified to be attorney general,” he said in an email. “The Montana Democrat Party and their trial lawyer cronies have invested millions of dollars in Supreme Court campaigns just so they’ll do their bidding in cases like this one. It is a real shame to see the Supreme Court more interested in pleasing their campaign benefactors than upholding the Constitution.”

We got reaction earlier this week from Knudsen on our statewide radio show- Montana Talks. We also asked him about a story posted by The Montana Daily Gazette claiming that Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT) sent millions of dollars in taxpayer funds to his wife's company. Knudsen shared this earlier on Facebook:

According to an independent investigation by Debbie Westlake using the State of Montana transparency website, it appears that from 2013 to 2020, Governor Steve Bullock's administration in Helena awarded over $6.6 million dollars in state payments to his wife Lisa's company. This certainly does not look good, and deserves investigation. Hopefully the Montana media takes a good, hard look at this.

Full conversation with Austin Knudsen can be heard below:

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