$1.5 billion. That's the current amount of Wednesday night's Poweball jackpot, the largest in history.

KGVO News spoke with a representative at the Fast Trip convenience store who said there had been a steady stream of customers coming in for Powerball tickets.

"We've got people coming in all day buying Powerball tickets, and I'm sure by this afternoon it'll be really hectic," she said. "It's pretty simple. People come in and ask for a Powerball ticket and I ask if they want the Power Play, but most people are saying no, because, after all it's over a billion dollars."

There are two ways to select a Powerball ticket:

"You can pick your own numbers, or you can do a Quick Pick, as we call it," she said. "75 percent of people just do a Quick Pick, because they don't have time to fill in the numbers themselves."

The fast Trip store has had one memorable Montana Lottery winner.

"We had one here last summer that won $430,000 in Montana Cash," she said. "It was pretty exciting to us. The gentlemen that won took care of the kid that sold him the ticket, and that was nice."

Jennifer McKee, information director for the Montana Lottery, said in Montana, by law, your name, the amount won, and the town you're from is public information. It is not possible to win the Lottery in Montana and remain anonymous.

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