Billings Police have arrested a man and a minor implicated in the viscious attack on 17-year-old Redwillow Horsecapture.  19-year-old Johnnie Lafountain was taken into custody after what Billings Police Lt. David Cardillo described as an “exhaustive” investigation.  A male minor  was also arrested and is in custody at the youth detention facility.

Redwillow Horsecapture was attacked on May 6 on the Rims.  She told police that she remembered getting hit in the face by a man she didn’t know.  The attack happened at about 10 p.m.  Horsecapture was taken to St. Vincent Healthcare the following morning.  Doctors screwed a plate into her jaw and wired it shut.
While the investigation is ongoing, Lt. Cardillo said they are not seeking any other suspects.  Lafountain is facing a felony assault charge.  The Yellowstone County Attorney’s Office could file charges in court within days.

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