We are more than a week out from the 2020 Presidential Election, and we still don't know officially who our president is. The national news media called Joe Biden the winner on Saturday, but votes have still not been certified in any of the states. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is claiming voter fraud in many states including, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, which is says pushed Biden over the 270 electoral votes needed to become the next president.

Some states are doing recounts. Georgia, for example, will recount all of their 5 million votes by hand this week because the election was so close. Joe Biden came in 0.03% ahead when all the votes were counted the first time.

The president is also seeking a recount in Wisconsin. Sighting dead people voting, late votes being counted, and non-residents casting votes, among other allegations, the president and his team are still saying the election is not a done deal.

This brings us to our poll question: Do You Believe the Results of the Presidential Election Are Legit? Please answer below.

It's estimated that over 160 million Americans voted in this year's General Election. That's the most ever. In the 2016 election, 136 million people voted. This was the first year that most states allowed mail-in ballots, which, no doubt, contributed to the rise in ballots cast.

Just over 600,000 Montanans voted in this year's election. That was about 94,000 more votes than were cast in 2016, which was a record voting year.

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