As we approach the holiday travel season things are not looking good. The new vaccine mandates are going to put pressure on the airlines and the TSA workers that have to run Security checkpoints. Their mandate is in place for the middle of November. As of today, only about 60% of all TSA employees are currently vaccinated.

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Can you imagine what the security lines will look like during Thanksgiving and Christmas if 25% of the workers are gone?.  So it comes down to this, how far is too far for driving? I would much rather drive anyway but for a short holiday, it has to be within one day.

For most of those trips that would mean about 800 miles. You can make it to Seattle in one day. If you are heading east Fargo or Sioux Falls can be made. Denver is an easy one-day trip or Boise even Salt lake can be made in one day. Other than that for short trips you have to fly.

Our problem with delays will not come from our airports but from your destination airports. The major hubs will be long and frustrating during the peek season. Look for many more instances of disruptions on flights too when people flip out on the plane. That's why I'm glad the Flakes trip is not during the busy holidays. By the way, next week will be your last chance to qualify to win it since the party is Saturday the 13th at the Powderhorn. Have a great weekend.

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