In many small town bars or restaurants, you wouldn't be surprised to see a dog or two lounging around at the foot of the bar or underneath a coffee table, but cats?

When I first heard Evelyn Pyburn from the Big Sky Business Journal talking about a cat cafe that opened up in Bozeman, I just assumed, of course, there's a cat cafe in Bozeman. There's a cat EVERYTHING in Bozeman because they are the home of the Cats, the MSU Bobcats.

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Nope. This is an actual cafe with actual cats chilling out in the cafe (and they're not the Tiger King kind of cats). So, apparently, if you want to work remotely, and grab a cup of coffee you can also hang out with a bunch of cats...

I must have missed it (assuming it was just another Bobcat-themed business), but both The Bozeman Chronicle and KBZK-TV profiled the Cat Show Cat Cafe in Bozeman.

The Chronicle says this about the Cat Show Cat Cafe:

Cat Show is a little different than some other cat cafes because it doesn’t actually make coffee or food in-house. However, customers can grab a drink or a meal at Tanglewood or Foxtrot or even bring food from home to eat while working and playing with the cats. It’s got a coffee-shop vibe, with plants, big chairs and desks for people who want to bring something to work on.

KBZK reporter Gaby Krevat says the Cat Show is "the cat's meow":

Owners Josh Marks and Josh Pecukonis are working with the Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter to help some of their cats find "fur-ever" homes.


You can also find the Cat Show Cat House on Instagram.


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