14 years ago Islamic militants inflicted the worst terrorist attack ever on American soil, and Susan Campbell Reneau, President of the United Veterans Council, has vowed to keep the memory of those who died in the attack, including the first responders, alive for Missoulians.

Along with the Missoula Exchange Club and a handful of volunteers, nearly 3,000 tiny American flags decorated the grassy area adjacent to the war memorials at the park.Campbell Reneau said additional flags were placed for victims of other terrorist attacks, such as Benghazi, Fort Hood and the Boston Marathon bombings.

Speakers included now-retired Missoula firefighter Tom Zeigler, who was scheduled for hazmat training in New York City when the attacks occurred, but a medical condition kept him at home. Zeigler returned to New York a few days later and assisted in rescue and recovery operations at Ground Zero for several weeks.

Dozens of spectators, many from the military, law enforcement, and fire departments watched and listened...and remembered.

Zeigler told KGVO News that America needs to keep the memory of 9-11, 2001 alive in it's collective heart and mind, because, in his words, "We're going to run into it again one of these days. Something's going to happen."


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