Montanans have a reputation for generosity as you can easily see by the disproportionate amount of non-profit organizations we have in our state.  Many of us help support these causes financially, but this time of year money is tight for a lot of people and that "urge to give" might be a little harder to satisfy.

If you have that feeling of wanting to help, but your bank account isn't willing to fund your holiday generosity, here are some things you can do in Billings that don't involve money, but are extremely valuable, helpful, and needed.

Donate Blood

United Blood Services is always looking for donors and the holidays are a great time to "Give the gift of Life".  I donated last week and the entire process took less than an hour of my time.  If you live in Billings, you likely drive right past their location on Grand several times a week.  Maybe next time, you should plan on stopping in and help to keep the blood supply flowing.
Click here for more information about UBS.

Volunteer With Billings Police Department

If you, like us, are grateful for having our officers patrolling the streets, you might be surprised to learn that you can volunteer to help them out.  The Crime Prevention Network is always looking for people to help with things like reports, neighborhood watch and even patrolling.

Montana Rescue Mission

MRM does some great work in our community. They have changed the lives of many people in need over the years and I hope they continue to do so for many years to come. They are very volunteer driven and likely have a need that fits the skill you're willing to donate.

Billings Public Library

If you're good with computers, kids, or organizational skills, the Billings Public Library could probably use your help. They have many programs that benefit our community and each and every one of them require people to make them work. This can be a very rewarding opportunity for the right people.

Billings Parks

If you're someone who can't really commit to a long term program, but would rather just volunteer your time for a day, Billings Parks has plenty of work for you. One of the things they often have that many find appealing is planting trees. If you're a Billings-For-Life kind of person, you'll get the satisfaction of admiring your handy work over the years. There are plenty of jobs to pick from. Clean up, trail grooming, and preparing for special events are just a few of the things on the list. Click here to get started.

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